Some of the most interesting projects developed to encourage repairability in over twenty different countries.


Aware of new policies to promote durability, and aware of the demands of consumers, not only the most visionary businesses, but also
self-produced design, are developing new products that are easy to repair.

Find out about the most advanced developments of production, research and design for greater repairability of products.

DIY 2.0

The makers and self-producers of evolved do-it-yourself, who use 3D printers and open-source platforms, have made a business out of this renewed desire to fix objects by ourselves.


The same scientific research that has led to super high performance materials over the years is now focusing on super-flexible, super-adaptable materials, including substances that repair themselves.

A collection of projects to know about the most visionary companies and the most advanced research in the field of new materials, digital do-it-yourself and the design poetics, the spontaneous fixer communities at the service of citizens and design training programs.


Design research goes well beyond the functional aspects of repairability, suggesting the beauty of imperfection, or actively involving users in the production, repair and modification of objects.


Valuable support for governments all over the world that have to come to terms with the growing environmental impact of waste is provided by universities and research centers.


In some parts of the world, repair has always been a service offered in the street. But even in countries where such services no longer existed, they are coming back in major cities, thanks to the new repair communities.